Attracting people rather than customers is a unique challenge, but the same principles apply. I have the track record to bring your EVP to life and make you an employer of choice.

My experience of recruitment advertising is unrivalled. When you need to hire the best talent, my talent can make it happen.

CGI is one of the world’s biggest business and IT consulting firms. Being at the top of your industry entails responsibilities as well as privileges, and CGI were determined to put something back by attracting more young women into STEM careers. Their chosen tool was a brochure that told the story of their female employees, as well the stories of more than 100 trailblazing women in technology, whose histories I researched and summarised. The brochure was launched to considerable acclaim via a series of high-profile summits and roadshows.

Running a continent is an incomparable challenge, so it’s essential that the European Union attracts the best and brightest minds. However, its various entities have clearly defined and quite proscriptive advertising styles – for example, the European Commission does not use creative headlines and requires a short word count with no more than three single-sentence bullet points to summarise the job specification and required skills. My task whenever a brief arrives is to pare it down to its essence to minimise unsuitable applications whilst still attracting the right talent.

Academy Transformation Trust operates 22 primary and secondary schools in the Midlands and East Anglia. Its mission is to ensure that every child counts and that everyone receives a first-class education. Mine is to communicate its vision through recruitment advertising for all its academies as well as persuasive overviews of each of its schools. In particular, it is vital that I capture the unique essence of each school and what sets it apart, as well as the key reasons high-calibre candidates would take on a particular role.